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Loans for Experienced Residential Real Estate Investors

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Loans for Residential Real Estate Investors


If you are buying and selling homes, Contact Us to find out if our loans are right for your investment deal.

Private Money Loans

We are residential property lenders serving North Carolina - primarily in Raleigh, Durham, and Fayetteville.  We specialize in providing private money loans on residential property investments.  We work with:

  • Wholesalers who want to take title or need transactional funding for a double close,

  • Flippers who want to rehab and sell (fix and flip), and

  • Landlord Investors who want to BRRR: buy, rehab, rent, and refinance with a conventional lender.

In contrast to hard money loans, we are more relationship-based and will help you evaluate and analyze your rehab and wholesale deals. We also have a residential brokerage arm and can provide special priced listing services for your projects.



➤ As low as 12% interest

➤ 2 Points

➤ 1st Position Deed of Trust

➤ First Payee on Insurance Policy

➤ Named on Title Insurance

➤ Max 70% LTV

➤ Borrower must be Entity

See the detailed Loan Terms


The Process


  1. Entity - The borrower must be an entity, not an individual.

  2. Experience - We look for general business and real estate experience.

  3. Contact Us - After a quick conversation, you will know whether Oakwood Lending is a good partner for you. Contact Us.

  4. Apply - After contacting us, we will invite you to apply here to become a borrower. This will include a credit check.


Financing Decision

Once a loan application is submitted, we’ll schedule the site visit with you. After the site visit, the loan application will be approved or rejected. If approved, we’ll provide a draft of the Promissory Note for your review.

get a property under contract

When the property is under contract, approved clients can submit a loan application online. The more complete the application, the faster we can respond. We try to respond within 1 to 2 business days. 


Closing Procedure

The closing attorney will check that the title is clean. Property insurance must name Oakwood Lending as the mortgagee (not additional insured). The policy must be issued and paid for 6 months or the term of the loan, whichever is longer. The Premium should be a line item on the HUD 1, and paid by the closing attorney to your insurance company. The closing attorney should provide a draft of the HUD a day or two before closing for approval. We’ll give the green light and wire funds to the closing attorney.

Property Valuation

Your loan application will include your valuation method and your comps.  We will run our own comps. We rarely require an appraisal, which significantly speeds up the process.

For new borrowers, we will want to conduct a site visit.

Exit Strategy

As a client, you are entitled to preferred rates with our residential listing program (we operate in the Triangle MLS and Fayetteville MLS), and to our list of investors and at our MeetUp meetings if it’s a wholesale property.